Arbee Plastic Fabrication Ltd manufactured this GRP storage box for a customer in the Marine Industry. Made from Fibreglass, this product is highly durable, corrosion-free and lightweight which makes it ideal for outdoor applications ranging from tool storage for site/work vans to equipment storage for boats.

Fume Scrubber Systems

Our range of fume extract and scrubbing equipment is constructed from PVC, PVC/GRP, Polypropylene or Celmar/GRP dependant upon the chemical and physical requirements of our customer. Ensuring long life and low maintenance under demanding conditions, they can be constructed in a range of shapes and sizes and are incorporated in the extract system prior to the fan unit, operating under negative pressure.

Contaminated fumes enter the scrubber unit just above the base section and continue on upwards through a packed section of pall rings where they are wetted by a spray system of extremely fine droplets, the fumes then carry on upwards through a second packed section of pall rings before being wetted by a larger droplet mist. The fitting of a mist eliminator prior to the fan unit prevents moisture carry over.

The base section of the scrubber unit forms the re-circulation tank and is fitted with a standard pump and seals to suit the required application. Service connectors include filling, emptying and overflow. Extra connectors are supplied where necessary to suit the type of agent used and method of replenishment. A typical scrubber unit can run on water only or a washing solution of Caustic Soda.

Carbon Filter

Deep bed Filters, Purpose made filters, manufactured from PVC GRP, Polypropylene, PP Celmar GRP to Customers specific designs, any size or volume, all welded construction.

Tanks & Tank Liners

Manufacture of PVC, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVDF and GRP chemical storage tanks, to Customers specific designs, any size or volume, all welded construction.

Machine Guards

Guards for all types of machines, from Engineering to Chemical. Manufactured in Clear PVC, PVC and Polypropylene, to Customers specific requirements. Larger type Guards also available for guarding against chemical spray on Scrubbers.

Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass Reinforced Plastics for strengthening fabricated structures, use for tanks, scrubbers, or GRP only structures like our Candle Filters.

Multi Blade Dampers

Manufactured in PVC and Polypropylene for Fume extract systems to control the flow rate of larger size ductwork.

GRP Mouldings

GRP (fibreglass, glass reinforced plastic, glass reinforced polyester) is a light, durable and astonishingly tough constructional material which can be manufactured into all manner of products. It may be translucent, opaque or coloured, flat or shaped, thin or thick. There is virtually no limit to the size of objects that can be made and single pieces over 60 meters long have already been made as boat hulls.

GRP and similar types of fibre reinforced plastics are unique amongst materials of construction in that the moulder actually makes the material. Whether producing chemical tanks, silos, buildings, vehicle bodies, engineering products or boats the moulder is not merely assembling or forming pre-existing components but making the structural material in situ.

Moulded products are composites made up of resilient durable polyester or other resin combined with an immensely strong fibrous glass whose surface is protected on the outside with a layer of pigmented ‘gel coat’. The polyester is the main component and is supplied in the form of viscous syrup, which when suitably activated sets to a hard solid. Buttons and castings are made from such a resin, but just as concrete may be reinforced with steel rods, so polyester resins may be reinforced with glass fibres to form GRP

The gel coat provides an attractive, warm, easily cleaned, virtually ‘maintenance-free’ finish with good colour stability.

Chemical Guards

Chemical and Machine Guards manufactured and installed from Clear PVC or Perspex sheet to suit customer’s requirements.


Chemical bunds manufactured in PVC, Polypropylene, GRP or Polyethylene for containment of chemical Spillage. Bunds can be fabricated in our factory or site manufactured and installed.


Silencer units can be constructed from PVC, Polypropylene, PVC/GRP or Celmar/GRP and fitted with suitable sound proofing material. We can fabricate any shape conceivable as long as the air flow rate is not compromised.

Mist Eliminators/ Demisters

Mist eliminators are used for the removal of moisture from exhaust fumes. We can incorporate these on new projects or as an addition to an existing system. They can be constructed from PVC, Polypropylene, PVC/GRP or Celmar/GRP. The eliminator blades are constructed from Polypropylene and installed at the appropriate centres for efficiency.

Wet Benches

Manufactured to customer specification in white Polypropylene sheet, for the semiconductor industry, manually operated wet benches are widely used as a cost-effective production tool for wet chemistry processing. Their ergonomic design has evolved to meet the practical needs of the operator in both functionality and safety thereby promoting efficient processes.

Dosing Cabinets

The Dosing Cabinets can be manufactured from PP, HPE or PVC encasings and are accessed with clear doors. Clear PVC, Polycarbonate or Lexan.
Dosing units are manufactured for safe dosing of chemicals.

Depending on the amount and type of chemicals to be dosed, the inside piping can be selected from PVC, PP, HPE, PVDF, PTFE or PFA.

Odour Control Systems

Odour Control Systems can be manufactured from PP, PVC or GRP Chemical Resin and installed to site drawings. Small, medium and large installations of ductwork from 50mm to 3m in diameter.


Candle Filters

Candle Filters can be manufactured from PP, PVC, PVDF, CPVC, GRP Chemical Resin, Derakane or Atlac and are used for filtering fumes in Scrubber Systems.